how to write good blog posts

Blogging was mainly a hobby for most people. However, as time passed by, bloggers have seen the opportunity to earn money through maintaining a blog. In SEO parlance, blogging can is one of the many methods of promoting a website online without having to spend money on it.

Everything is free from signing up for a blog either in Blogger or WordPress to posting, it does not cost anything. The biggest challenge in blogging is to write a compelling blog post and generate more traffic from it. This can be achievable if you do know the techniques on how to do it.

In SEO, to maximize the power of blogging, the blog post must be written in a sense that it is optimized with the use of a highly competitive keyword. Choose one spot within the article where the keyword is there and hyperlinked it to the website you are promoting. That’s it.

Just a rule of thumb when writing a blog, never attempt to write it in such a way it would look like you are submitting an essay or thesis paper to your English teacher. This would ruin everything for you. Remember, a blog is more of a personalized writing. It is like an online diary or journal that you want the public to gain access to and read your journey every day or week. Therefore, make sure that your blog post must sound interesting and not boring.

The following are the basic guidelines when it comes to writing a blog post.

    • Make sure the title has the keyword on the first 2-3 words, and it should be interesting.
    • The first paragraph should state a common problem, an issue or an introductory to the main topic.
    • The succeeding paragraphs should be more of giving information based on the title and of course give a suggestive answer to the problem, an opinion to an issue, or details about the topic.
    • Last paragraph, would be more of a conclusion and should be more on enticing the readers to post a comment.

Always make sure that at the end of the day your reader will learn something from your blog post. Most likely, a reader will come back for more and visit your blog to check out for more updates especially if the information you have imparted is relevant and helpful. This will be one way of generating more traffic to your blog at the same time to your website that you are promoting.

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