How to Write Optimized Search Engine Web Content

One of the most effective ways of promoting a website is writing an SEO article and submits it to an article directory like ezine. But the problem is with all the hype of using keyword density, long-tail keywords, LSI, etc. You become confused on how to go about it.

Well, placing the keyword into the proper places will be one but as to keyword density, it is highly advisable to make the keyword look natural and blend in with the article. Never attempt to proceed with keyword stuffing or over placing the keyword within the keyword. Say for instance, in a 500 word article, you will put the keyword twenty times. Now, this is keyword stuffing.

It would be much effective and the article will look natural if you place the keyword on the first sentence of the first paragraph, last sentence on the last paragraph and sprinkle the rest within the article.

Here are the steps on how to write an SEO article:

1. Research articles about the keyword.
2. Write an interesting, compelling and brief title.
3. The first paragraph must be a summary of the entire article.
4. Next paragraphs will be more on information.
5. Conclusion.

If you read the above-mentioned steps, they are doable. In writing an SEO article, it does not need that the writer must have a Master’s degree in order to come up with a good article. The key here is to write an article as if you are talking to your reader. Make sure that you are imparting information that would be beneficial. The last thing a reader would want to happen is to read a senseless article that looks like promoting a product and that’s it. Remember, the reader click the link to your article in an article directory because he is looking for an information. If you are writing all but promotional stuff, you are simply disappointing him. In return, you might be losing a potential customer there.

In writing an SEO article start your premise with a problem and suggest a solution to that problem. As for the promotional stuff, let the resource box do it for you. The next time you write an article or let someone write for you, be sure the above steps and tips given will be of use. For sure, you will be getting more results than you ever have before.

Writing an SEO article is as easy as 1-2-3!

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