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Making money online is today’s new trend. Business and employment has found its way in the internet and its selling good. True enough that there are 101 ways to make money online. But, you might find these two interesting.

You can make money by blogging. Blogging is publishing journals online that is interactive and arranged in a reverse-chronological order. This is interactive because visitors can leave a comment and you as the author can reply to that comment. You can turn this into a money-making method by joining programs that pay you for the articles you are creating or those that pay you for generating traffic online that will direct the visitors to your blog site. Each time you post a blog depending on the subject, you will get paid. Most of the time, you will be asked to write a review of a product or a website or other topics. Other times, you will be asked to insert their links into your posts and you will earn a commission from the purchases that the visitor will make. If you already are a part of a social networking site such as Facebook and MyYearbook, you can add in your blog link on your profile. You can try adding signatures to any of the post that you add in internet forums as well as e-mails that you are sending. This signature will still contain your blog link.
You can also make money by joining affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is when you refer shoppers that are online to different products. In doing this, you will gain some percentage of the sale that is made. You will be provided with your own link so that the seller would know who referred the client to purchase the product. There are sellers that offer as large as a 50% commission for every purchase made by the customer that you referred. You don’t need to create your own product to join affiliate marketing. In order to attract more customers, you can write articles about the products that your sellers would want to sell and add in the link for the products. You may say that this is similar to simple online blogging. The difference is that for blogging, you make money solely by your blogs while in affiliate marketing, you use your blogs are reference or reviews of the products.

These are the 101 ways to make money online other than those two mentioned earlier.

1. Sell products online
2. Sign up with affiliate marketing networks
3. Learn the basics of graphic and charge for your service
4. Charge webmasters for the write ups that you make
5. Ask donations from friends or visitors
6. Add ads that are relevant to the content of your blogs
7. Sell your products to the contacts that you have and you will get
8. Make a book, publish and sell it in
9. Become a partner in YouTube
10. Create your own web tool and sell it
11. Craft your own homemade product and sell on eBay
12. Write articles for respected news magazines
13. Transcribe files in audio format and get paid
14. Do online tutoring and get paid
15. Help build local business and charge a fee
16. Offer help to install software and get paid
17. Interview professionals, showbiz personnel, star athletes etc. and sell them
18. Create backgrounds for Twitter and MySpace and sell it online
19. Create eBooks and sell it online
20. Record your own song or your own version of a song and sell it through downloads
21. Sell your artworks online
22. Convert popular songs to midi’s or ringtones and sell them
23. Review websites, services, books, movies, etc. and sell it
24. Make digital logos and sell them
25. Design your own website and sell it
26. Design advertisements for websites
27. Draw cartoons or comical skits and put them up for sale
28. Design your scrap booking templates
29. Design your clipart and icons
30. Answer online surveys and get paid
31. Sell your t-shirt designs and design making skills to companies
32. Build an MMROPG account, achieve a certain level or skill or material, then sell it
33. Edit photos for different occasions and get paid
34. Create mosaics from different photos
35. Sell your photo images
36. Be a participant in researches
37. Do data entry and you will earn cash
38. Develop your own software and sell it to people
39. Translate documents online
40. Create videos for different occasions and sell it
41. Sell you proofreading and editing services
42. Create mobile applications and sell it
43. Answer someone else’s e-mail and get paid
44. Do voice recordings for the blind and sell it
45. Create professional PowerPoint slideshows and sell it to students and business men
46. Perform customer support duties at home
47. Offer technical support duties at home
48. Process orders for business men and get paid
49. Perform telemarketing duties at home
50. Sell your own recipes online
51. Offer online newsletter services with a fee
52. Shop online for another people and get a fee
53. Sell other people’s stuff for a fee
54. Help job hunters find jobs in specific fields for a fee
55. Connect buyers to sellers
56. Do how-to videos and sell them together with paid ads
57. Become an online teacher for universities
58. Barter goods
59. Offer to update the site maps of different websites for a fee
60. Summarize books, movies, etc. and sell them
61. Review travel destinations and get paid
62. Post in forums and earn cash
63. Do online counseling and charge the same fee as with personal counselors
64. Enter gaming tournaments
65. Get paid to test new games
66. Refer clients for different programmers and earn cash
67. Answer forms from Google Maps or from Yahoo Answers
68. Be a consultant in your field of expertise
69. Do the homework of other people and get paid
70. Refer people to answer surveys
71. Create a store online
72. Do freelance writing
73. Become a speaker for topics of your expertise
74. Be a researcher and sell your work
75. Be a guide in
76. Do initial interviews for job applicants
77. Share your mentoring skills for a fee
78. Offer filtering services for a fee
79. Read e-mails and spot spam for free
80. Offer data sorting services and get paid by the hour
81. Answer questions in sites like and
82. Post resumes from different people and earn each time an employer will download them
83. Create listings like top 10 bloggers, 10 richest man on earth, etc. and put a price to download them
84. Create animation and sell them
85. Create scripts for plays, musicals and the like
86. Make business plans for business men
87. Offer your service to balance books such a ledgers, payrolls and other general support
88. Sponsor a post for other bloggers
89. Develop an application for iPad
90. Write guides and how-to’s and put a price per download
91. Be a server host for forums or blogs
92. Be an author in
93. Hunt for online jobs
94. Create a video advertisement for others
95. Become an online assistant and charge by the hour
96. Do buy and sell in eBay and
97. Enter different types of contests
98. Be an online event organizer
99. Refer your contacts to credit card companies
100. Write articles for Reader’s Digest
101. Do something silly that will sell

In order to make money online, you just need to gain access to a computer that has an available internet connection. Earning money online does not usually take most of your time unlike the jobs that you are currently having. This will just take around two to four hours on a daily basis. Of course, that would depend on how much time you would really want to spend. You can actually do both: working on your day jobs and make money online. Making money online does not necessarily need you to be present in an office. You just need the computer and you are good to go.

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