WordPress Plugins to Get Traffic: Top 10 That You Should Try

If you use WordPress to host and create your website, then you should know that there are WordPress plugins to get traffic that you can use to add more functionality and use for your WordPress website. The use of certain types of plugins can greatly enhance not only the features that your website will offer, but you could also increase the number of visitors who are going to your website. With the use of the right WordPress plugins, you could potentially increase traffic onto your website. And more traffic to your website is always good because you could get more business if more people visit your website.

WordPress is a perfect tool to use to host and create your website because it offers a lot of powerful features that let you create any website. Along with these powerful tools and features, you also find that it is very easy to use. Due to this ease of use, many people use WordPress to create their websites. And there is also a huge number of WordPress plugins to get traffic that you can use; that can increase the functionality of your WordPress website. And these plugins are also really easy to install too!

The effective use of WordPress plugins to get traffic for your website is really important. Not only can these plugins add more features to your website, but they can also make or break whether or not you will have a successful website. So be sure to download the right kinds of plugins if you want to more visitors to your WordPress website. However, it can be hard to find the right kinds of plugins to use because there are thousands of plugins that are available. If you are searching for the best plugins to use, here are the top 10 WordPress plugins that you could use to drive more traffic to your website.

1. Post to Twitter

Sharing content from your website to other social media platforms is always a good way to increase traffic to your website. And the use of this WordPress plugin allows you to do just that easily. You will be able to easily and quickly post content from your website using this Post to the Twitter plugin. With a simple click of a button, content and posts from your website can be shared right away on Twitter. And when you post links to Twitter, you can drive more traffic to your website.

2. WordPress SEO

If you want to check out how SEO or search engine optimization friendly your WordPres website content is, then you will want to use this WordPress SEO plugin. With this plugin, you can automatically check just how SEO friendly your website is. This plugin can check your URL, page content, and other kinds of website details to check whether or not it can be ranked higher in search results.

3. AddThis Mobile Share

When you want to give your website’s visitors an easy way to share your website’s content to some different ways, then you should use this WordPress plugin. With this plugin, users will be able to easily share content with other social media. This WordPress plugin will give users more options to share content onto other pages because they will get the choice to share links with their Facebook, Twitter, and other kinds of social media accounts.

4. Inline Related Posts

One way to keep site visitors on reading your website is by showing them related posts on your website too. This plugin will do just that. When you install this plugin, users of your website will see an unobtrusive line at the end of each post that they read. This inline related post link will redirect them to any related content on your website. So if they click this link, they will spend more time reading your website.

5. Instant Articles for WP

Facebook has got a huge user base, and you can gain access to that userbase’s traffic if you just simply use this WordPress plugin. With this plugin, you can easily and quickly share links on Facebook that will redirect whoever clicks on those links to posts on your website.

6. WordPress Popular Posts

Another way that you can draw more traffic to your WordPresswebsite is if you use this plugin. With this plugin, you can allow your website’s visitors to see popular posts on your website. If they see those popular posts, then they are more likely to click it and continue reading more of your website. This could be an invaluable tool to get more people to read content on your WordPress website.

7. All in one SEO Pack

This is a WordPress plugin that can optimize your website for search engines. This plugin can link you to SEO resources that can help increase the marketability of your website. And if you use it, you could also gain tools that could increase traffic to your website.

8. WP to Buffer

Want an easy way to share your website’s content to social media, without having to constantly do it manually? If you want to automatically share your posts on social media, then you should use this plugin. You can schedule when your social media accounts will share links to your website.

9. Subscribe to Comments Reloaded

If you can get your website’s visitors engage, then you could also draw in more traffic. By using this WordPress plugin, you could greatly improve the user engagement on your website’s comment section.

10. OptinMonster

With this WordPress plugin, you will be able to show an unobtrusive popup that lets site visitors a choose whether or not to subscribe to an email update from your website. When site visitors opt into an email update, they will receive a new email every time you add new content to your website.

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