Here are a three important tips when considering affiliate programs for your affiliate marketing:

1. Think about the people who have come to trust your blogging for your insights and knowledge, or the people you hope to attract if you’re just starting out. Think about what you’d like to see if you visited your blog. Make your affiliate programs a good value for your audience. That will make it of value to you, too, in the long run.

2. Any product or service you’re recommending in your affiliate marketing – and having an affiliate link on your blog is a recommendation – needs to be the very best. You’re standing behind that affiliate link. Be sure your readers receive what they’re looking for when they click through to an affiliate site from your blog.

3. Along those same lines, when blogging be sure your affiliate links are specific products or services related to the topic. It’s a crazy-busy world, and people have to make good use of their time. When they read a blog that’s of interest and the service or product they’re interested in is also on the page, or in the same paragraph, it’s a win-win for the reader. That makes them happy, they tell others about your blog, they link to it, and they come back.

And that makes you happy!

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