Ultimate Themeforest.com Review

themeforest.com reviewWebsites are getting more and more popular today and the ones highly in demand are those designed in an organized manner and supports a lot of different screen size. The purpose of having a website can be plenty and it can be a random reason too. For example you simply want to share your every day adventure by posting pictures and describing your day online. This can be done through various social networking sites or if the posting is limited for a social website then you can open up a blog and post everything you want there. This way the public will see the post you shared with more details. Other reasons could be businesses and it is highly important that businesses have their own websites as well. They should be created by the hands of a skillful and creative web developer. There are free websites and paid websites and both have their own advantages and disadvantages. A paid website is what most popular brands choose to have because they can expand in creating the website that defines them.

Today many people love to have their own website but only a few could ever afford to have a personalized one or made exclusively for them. The reason is website making is getting advanced and more techniques in creating a beautiful and functional website are getting many as well. The more a website has quality features, the more its development gets expensive. CMS or Content Management System is the most common method for developers these days because it lessens their development work when creating websites. There are different CMS available in the internet and amongst the popular ones are WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. Each web developer has their own preference on which CMS is better but they all have similar functions although most developers say that WordPress is much simpler than the rest of the CMS available in the internet. All these CMSs are for free to download but the extras like plugins may have a price if you wish to put it in your website.

ThemeForest is popular for creating beautiful themes for their clients. They have a website filled with various information related to website development and design and also themes where developers sell their work. The website is powered by a company working online known as Envato which is designed to help each online user to learn and earn online. This is an Australian based company formed in the year 2006. The huge network of workers that comes to ThemeForest are from around the world. It is a company dedicated to developing products of high quality and various services for the clientele around the world.

Collis Ta’eed is the CEO of the company and co founded by Cyan and Collis Ta’eed themselves. They have many websites under their name which include the marketplaces of Envato, an online marketplace where people can both buy and sell digital or multimedia. Tuts+ is also a part of their work and is a place where people can learn tutorials of various subjects about graphics, web development, animation or audio production. Other services they offer are Freelance Switch which is an online community website for freelancers, a website for the latest computer technologies which is the Appstorm and many more. They have many other websites but the most well known and profitable of all their services is the ThemeForest which is one of their marketplaces for various themes and HTML templates. Themes for different CMSs are available too such as Magento, Joomla and WordPress.

Themes Functionality

Many skillful developers across the world gather and put their works into this website. Many of those who are looking for high quality themes for their website visit ThemeForest. It pools resources from many high end developers from around the world. The main categories in their site are PSD Templates, eCommerce, Site Templates, WordPress, Plugins and Marketing. The most popular category is the WordPress themes that are gathered from hundreds of authors. You can say that ThemeForest is the largest marketplace for WordPress themes.  CMS is a very helpful tool for many website owners because it helps lessen complicated work and retrieve data easily. The themes that are sent to ThemeForest are first reviewed by Envato before they are accepted into their marketplace.

Theme Graphics

There are over 2,600 premium WordPress Themes in their website so you can surely find the perfect WordPress Theme that will go nicely with the website you have in mind. Elegant Themes is sometimes compared to the number of Themes you can find in ThemeForest but there is a difference between their works. ThemeForest gather themes from various developers scattered across the globe while Elegant Themes releases themes of their own and sell them online. The main categories of WordPress Themes in ThemeForest are html5, responsive, eCommerce, entertainment, technology, creative, magazine and blog, among others.

Theme Pricing

Aside from their free themes offered in which is the cheapest form to download with, ThemeForest offers the lowest prices compared to most of the sites that offer WordPress Themes these days. The cheapest theme you can get starts from $30 and the most expensive is priced $60. They do not have any special combos that goes along with the downloads unlike their competitors that offers special packages in order for  their products to sell. In each year ThemeForest often offers bundles of their items, not solely on WordPress. For web developers who want to use the themes in ThemeForest are allowed to do so but they can never take any credit of the work itself because all of the features created by the developer of the theme is copyrighted.

Theme Support

It is normal for every service to have customer support every day and ThemeForest has them but they do not offer support for the individual themes that are not in the scope of their staff. If you have downloaded a theme created by a developer that is not a part of the ThemeForest staff, you will need to seek support directly from that developer. You can see four main channels of support of every theme of ThemeForest although other channels may not be supported by other themes: Discussion Section, Theme Documentation, Forum, and FAQs.

Ultimate Themeforest.com Review

Ultimate Themeforest.com Review

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