SEO has been the subject of a lot debates among web masters, SEO experts, and other people as to which formula would lead to further success when it comes to website’s rankings on various search engines.

But the truth is, there is no formula, secret, or magic into getting it far up to the number 1 spot on Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

To help you out, read on the following misconceptions about SEO:

1. SEO is all about meta tags.

This has been the case before. It is all about meta tags. This was before when SEO was starting and later on started to explode. But now this is a different story. What you need to do for now is simply type in the meta tags you have put into the website and later on, search engines will use the tags in order to match people’s queries as well as the return results.

2. Keyword stuffing is the way to go.

Here is the usual mistake the others have done; they are into putting a keyword within an article or web content like 10 times for a 500-word piece. This is way too many. People might think that you are talking nonsense and of course search engine would definitely sense it. There is no exact algorithm as to how to make it big in the world of SEO. Some claimed that a 2% keyword density is okay while others are into putting the keyword in the first sentence of the first paragraph and one at the last sentence of the last paragraph. As whether one of these two works, no one really knows.

Remember, you must come up with content that is both pleasing for your visitors and to the eyes of the search engines as well. Be sure you are in between. If a visitor likes what he sees and reads, he would come back for more.

3. Submission to various search engines will do good.

This is not a total misconception. Well, in fact, this has been used before in order to improve the rankings. However, with times, in application to modern SEO, submission to various search engines will not give much improvement on the ranking of a website.

4. Spending more money on PPC will lead to improvement on the ranking of the website.

Money, money, money. Only few have the money to splurge and most especially on PPC. Rumors have it that when you spend loads of money on PPC, it will lead to an improvement to a website’s ranking. Well, this does not hold any water. The truth of the matter is, it does not. It is like you are fishing at the middle of the sea and you never know if you catch a fish or not. This is what PPC does also. You are like throwing out money on something you are not sure of whether it does good to your web rankings or not.

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