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Blog commenting is by far the fastest way to generate more links, drive more traffic, and increase your website’s ranking on various search engines.

Time is really of the essence when it comes to SEO; the faster you can get there the better. If you are thinking of using automated software to do the dirty work for you, you better think again. It is because the comments generated will be considered as spamming and not all will be approved by blog comments. You do not want the same comment to be seen online, right?

This is where doing it all manually takes into the picture. At least with manual blog commenting, you can read what the blog post all about and say something relevant. This will increase the likelihood of being approved by the owner.

Now, the challenge here how to post relevant comments fast yet increase approval ratings. Here’s how.
First, master the art of speed reading. Yes, this is the number one skill that you should know and you can apply this one especially on blog commenting. All you need to do is read the title, skim through the blog post from the first sentence down to the last sentence. Do it in a matter of 30 seconds or 1 minute.

Second, fill in the boxes with the appropriate information. As for the name, you place here the keyword or to make it sound natural any name + of + keyword. It will read like this: John of New York Diamonds. See? It reads and sounds natural right? Then, put in any active email ad that you have. Lastly, put the URL of the website you are promoting.

Third, this is the fun part – blog commenting! Here is what you must not do, avoid putting these on your comment “great post”, “thank you for your post”, etc. You must see to it that you will put your opinion on the topic, what the blogger is suggesting whether you agree or not put it there. Your comment must be around 2-3 sentences. As much as possible, encourage conversation on your comment. This will add up to making your comment look natural and not spamming.

The key in blog commenting is to make comments that stick and not disapproved by the blogger or blog owner. It would be a total waste of putting in 100 comments in different blogs and got only 1 approve because you are spamming.

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  1. OK I was going to say great post. At the risk of offending you, great post! But I mean it. Yes I did read it. I do take your point though.

    I think as long as you’re genuine you should be able to say what you like and if I have enjoyed reading a post the first expression that pops into my head is ‘great post’. It’s actually really annoying that due to spammers I can no longer say this.

    So I’m going to keep your advice in mind on this very point in the future (assuming, having written ‘great post’ three times already, now four, this gets past your spam filters ;-)).


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