How people make money with wordpress

Are people actually making money using wordpress?

If you are also here with the same question in your mind, then you are at the right place. Here we will disclose to you all the things related to the wordpress and how one can use effectively in order to bring about out some thing good for him. The most common use of wordpress interface is to built up a website or a blog and starts your business in a simple and nice way. It is the basic concept behind the online marketing. And the foremost requirement for it is to have a blog by which you can sell your services and products to the people. WordPress has really emerged out as one of the prime contender by which you can get this task accomplished very soon. So with out wasting any time, just stick to the same and then enjoy the entire stuff store for you.

By using the wordpress, you will surely make a good amount of money for sure. There is just not any problem related to that. You will find lots of people around your self who has really made tons of money and are busy in counting them. They are really living a royal life. Most of the popular blogs and websites which you encounter these days mainly works on the wordpress interface and I am sure that you can also walk on the same path to achieve all he fun and demand. You can start with it any time and I am sure that it will meet your standards. You do not need to do or have some thing special. Even if you do not know the technical language, then also no problem as all the commands and tools in wordpress are quite easy and loving to have. Once you start using it, then they will serve you with all the best possible features at the same time. You can add templates of all designs in your blog and give it a new and cool look. You can try out all the best designs available there so as to make your blog unique from the others. The more you will explore the better it will be for you. So go for it and enjoy.

Switching to wordpress, good idea or bad?

WordPress is among that name which is heard quite popularly in these days. There are lots of reasons which has been seen behind it, but we do not need to go through them now, but just have a feel of it. Switching to wordpress is one of the nice options which we all have around us. For me wordpress is truly great. No one can find any thing short in their requirements, so don’t bother about any thing and just go for it. I am sure that it will meet your standards.

WordPress allows you to make up the website in a manner in which you have always wished for. So it will be a good experience for you over all. Hence just don’t worries about any thing else and just go for it. The wordpress keeps on moderating its various tools and equipments, so you will always find some thing or the other good to try out.  People from all across the world are using the services offered by wordpress and they have good response about it as well. If you want, then you can even check out the same from their official websites. I am sure that it will suit your needs and demands. WordPress is absolutely free to use and you can get your self a handy website within quick interval of time. This is what most of the people wish for. A survey conducted by the competent authority has also revealed the same thing, so why not you check them out now.

WordPress is supported by all forms of formats and other databases; hence you must just stick to the same and then figure out the rocking benefits which are there for you. Your blog will be a lot different if you create it from the wordpress interface rather than from any other platform. This fact has not only been proven but people from all across the world have accepted it with full heats as well. You just can’t wish for more than any thing once you start using the wordpress. It is a complete package in itself. You believe it or not but it is the fact. Just hang out with the same and enjoy.

how to make money with wordpress

How to use wordpress to build your business?

Some great man has said that online business is one of the best businesses one can start if he really dreams big. Nowadays there is so much scope in the online marketing and its related field that you can earn a handsome salary with out doing many things. But the question which arises here is that how to accomplish the same. If we ponder over it seriously, then we come to see that wordpress has become the potential tool by which we can not only enhance our business but can also bring it to the top of the list. The exciting benefits which wordpress provides us are really quite tempting and it will do a great help to our business. If we talk about the present context then most of the multi national websites have opted for the wordpress since they know how viable it is in their business.

WordPress has just changed the trends of the blog publishing interface and now people take it as some thing very interesting to deal with. If you have not used it by now, then you have really missed out a lot of fun. WordPress is one of those top notch service which will help you to create a website through which you can easily accomplish all your purpose. Basically, people want to create a website through which they can provide service to the people and sell products and so on. One thing which people don’t bother about is that the over all look and appearance of the site. If your website will no be unique in look and style, then no one will look to the service which you provide them seriously. At this moment wordpress plays a vital role.

All the tools and features are rightly endowed in the wordpress platform. Most of them are quite common and even if you face any kind of problem, then there is a good guide which will teach you with each and every aspect. So don’t worry about any thing. The wordpress service is free to use, so it will not impact your pocket much. Once you will start with it, then in a short interval of time a good change will be observed in your website and in turn in your life. So get prepare for the same change.

Why wordpress is the future of the internet?

This is one of those questions which we often get to hear in the world. WordPress has brought out a great revolution in the online world, which has changed the thinking of old and young. Even various experts have considered it the “future of the internet” after going through all its pros and cons. WordPress serves us with so many exciting features and tools that all our tasks can be easily accomplished after going through them. Even the working in this interface is quite easy and fast, so you do not need to sit for it for hours and can utilize your time in a much better way. Now, when we have got the basic details about the wordpress, let’s have a look at some of the inquisitive features which it lends us.

WordPress is basically used as the blog publishing interface which powered by both PHP and MySQL. Most of the other blog publishing interface does not provide such extensive features. There are so plug in related to the design and template that your blog will look lot cooler than the others. You can check out the testimonials which people have given for it. I am sure that most of your doubt will get resolved in a moment after going through them. Most of multi national companies are also using the service of wrodpress and this in turn shows their dominance in present day era. Hence, if you also want to become big, then you need to count upon the wordpress services.

Released in the year 2003 by Matt Mullenweg, it brought out a new concept in the internet world. By the year 2009, more than 200 million websites used it for its extensive range of features and its simplicity. The mechanism on which wordpress works is very easy and even a newbie will hardly find any problem in understanding them. So don’t waste your time and just go for it straight away. The earlier you approach them, the better it will be for you, since you will get a good chance to make up your blog in the manner you wished for. WordPress is raising high and high every day, and you need not to worry about any negative implication of it. Hope you stick to the basics and enjoy the benefits….

PhotoSquares2 is here!

Yes, we have been very quiet for a long time, and quiet means busy! Almost one year ago we launched FunctionThemes together with our portfolio theme called PhotoSquares. We had very clear target – create very simple, customizable theme for creating portfolio type websites.

Within this year we had great success and many happy customers. However we thought we can do even better, so we started work on new version of PhotoSquares and today I’m happy to announce – it’s finally here!

You are probably interested what’s new in PhotoSquares2, right?

First of all it’s totally rewritten. We wanted to create solid framework not only for this theme but for our next products. We improved a lot of things in code to met best standarts of WP development.

New features in PhotoSquares2:

  • Floating thumbnails – display thumbnails in different aspect ratio, depending on size of original image.
  • Social buttons – add links to your social profiles from admin panel setting page.
  • Excluding categories from main page – this feature was requested by many users. It will allow to exclude certain categories from showing in main page (for example blog category).
  • Custom fonts – choose any font from Google Web Fonts.
  • Improved design – we have added 5 color templates to the theme also we kept all the customization options within the theme, so you can easily change

Check out this introduction video:

These are just some of the most important features we have added and hope you wil appreciate these changes. Let us know what you think!

We will roll out this update four existing customers for free.

Please note: This update is not compatible with PhotoSquares V.1 and all custom changes you made need to be ported to PhotoSquares2 after install. If you have any questions regarding update don’t hesitate to contact us!

PhotoSquares – our first theme!

PhotoSquares is our first WordPress theme and we are really excited about it. We designed this theme for photographers, designers and other creatives who wants to showcase their work online.

Just some main features:

Automatic thumbnail/featured image for every post

Featured image will be displayed as a auto-sized thumbnail in index page and full-sized above the content if visiting current page.

Customize the size of thumbnails

You can go really creative setting your own thumbnail sizes. For example logo designers can use small square thumbnails to display many items in one page, for landscape photography use wide images, for fashion vertical images will be perfect. Custom-sized thumbnails is really awesome and will work great with any type of work.

Customize colors

We have developed settings panel where you can change many different settings, including, custom colors.

Upload your own logo

Together with color customization you can upload and use your own logo.

We hope you will enjoy this theme – let us know what you think!

Function Themes Launches

What’s Function Themes?
We made FunctionThemes to offer very flexible and easy to customize WordPress solutions for individuals and businesses. Our main goal is to make themes that gives You some unique features and will allow to adjust almost every aspect of the site to better fit Your needs.

Why Function Themes?
Well, we think we are the best 🙂 Not only we offer high quality themes, we also provide our clients reliable support and services that will let you use WordPress and our solutions without any headaches.

What else?
Need custom WordPress features? We have great team of experts that will help you to solve any problem related to WP installation, customization, themes and plugins.