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Forum posting is one of the easiest SEO techniques and everybody can do it. There are two ways of doing forum posting it is either through Xrumer (automated software) and manually. Xrumer is dubbed as a way of doing forum posting the black hat way. As for the manual forum posting it is a white hat method. Most people who want to have quality links and good promotional value for a website it is highly advisable to go for manual forum posting.

What’s with manual forum posting? Doing it manually can be tiresome, boring and eats most of your time, however, the assurance of having your posts to stick right there and not be banned from the forum are high in contrast with doing the Xrumer way. If you are keen on keeping up your posts online, and all good, then ready yourself for 2-3 hours worth of posting everyday.

In this article, you will learn the art of forum posting the manual way. Read on.

1. First, search online on forums that are related to your niche.
2. Second, narrow down your list and be sure what you got are forums that do allow users to have a signature and put a link into it.
3. Third, sign up.
4. Fourth, create a newbie post.
5. Fifth, start answering threads from other users.
6. Sixth, repeat #3 and #4 step with the next forums.

The key here is to keep on posting subsequently on different forums and do about 4-5 posts on each forum. You can do like 5 forums today, another set of 5 forums tomorrow, and do it alternately. The last thing that you want to happen is for the administrator to ban you off from the forum. This could ruin your online reputation. Be as real as possible and not act like a spammer.

Do away with posts like “Thank you for your post”, “I like your post”, “This post is so informative, thanks”, anything on this line. What you need to do is read the thread first for a couple of seconds and get hold of what the thread starter is trying to say and write your opinion. It would be so annoying and irritating for a thread starter reading spam. Therefore, make sure that your post is related to the thread or not there will be a possibility that the thread starter will report you for spamming.

Lastly, do not leave any form of links or hyperlink an anchor text just to gain backlinks for your website. Your forum signature will help out with the linking and stuff. Forum posting is really easy, right?

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