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Have you been on the search for different ways on how to make money online yet up to this day, you have not earned even a single penny? Do you ever wonder why this is happening? To give you an idea and a run down, read on:

The following are ten reasons as to why you not making money online:

1. Impatient.

This is the number one reason why people like you do not make money online. You are very impatient. You want to learn everything fast without even taking a back seat and try to grasp every bit of information as you get them by and by.

2. You want to be spoon-fed.

Everybody starts somewhere. Nobody in this world who got rich and famous by simply waking up in their bed and boom! They are successful! Being spoon-fed is one of the easiest ways to get there but can be destructive since you do not know the real score when you are going to apply such information and monetize it.

3. Gives up easily.

Earning money online is not for people who give up easily. This is best suited for those who take actions day by day and will not ever give up if the going gets tough.

4. Not a risk taker.

There is no such thing at 100% fail proof method of earning money online. The higher the risk is, the higher the probability of you having to earn as much as you can in just a short span of time.

5. Getting the wrong information.

Another reason why you are not earning money online up to this date is that you have been bombarded with the wrong information and applied it.

6. It’s all about getting huge piles of money and nothing else.

If your motivation is to get big chunks of money and that’s about it, then you will definitely not earn. Why? The more you are motivated to go out there and search the best way to earn money online, the more you will be taken away from such opportunity. Divert your mindset or focus and you will see the difference.

7. You do not accept constructive criticisms.

If most people are telling you are doing it all, then you are definitely doing it all. The worst thing that could ever happen is to go on your own and not accept the fact that indeed what you are doing is all wrong and you are in the wrong path.

8. Letting what people say pull you down.

People have this notion that there is no such thing as earning money online, you are just wasting your time, money, etc. on an idea that does not even exist. If you are keen to do something about this, better stop listening to what others may have say about such matter. Or else, you will see yourself going down the drain.

9. You never learn from your mistakes.

Okay, there are some people who let mistakes as mistakes and never see them as opportunity to learn something out of it. You did fail in your attempt to earn money online, for the simple reason that you never learn from every single mistake that you did along the way.

10. When everything fails, you stop!

If at first, you see things start to fail, you stop! This is not the mindset of a successful money earner online. When things do fail, more doors of opportunity do start to open. It is up to you to see them.

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