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Facebook has brought about a lot of connections here and there from people around the world. Some are even using this to their advantage by creating a Facebook Fan page and invite more people to become a fan of such page. This can be a gold mine for marketers but could mean the end of the world for some.

Here are my 10 reasons why I am disliking your Facebook Page:

1. I liked your fan page, but it does not even have any updates at all.

Is it me or is it just you only want to generate as many fans in just short span of time that you do not even bother to put an update to your page at all? This is a clear example of a fan page that I definitely dislike.

2. Too many marketing updates!

Okay, I got it! You need to have more fans to like your fan page and be a fan of it. But please, do away with all those marketing updates! It is just too obvious that you do want one thing.

3. Self-centered fan page.

Well, nothing beats having to stumble upon a fan page that is so self-centered that it is all about me, me and me!

4. I need more information not a random sentence here and there.

The very reason that I did like your fan page is that I thought I will learn something out of it! I do not need another random posts here and there, got a lot of friends who are doing that.

5. You posted too many updates in a day.

So, you got all the time in the world to do the updates yourself. But do you think posting too many updates in a day is far enough to flood all your fans Facebook wall or news feed page.

6. I ask a question yet you do not even bother to answer.

What irritates me most is that when I post a question to your fan page, you did not even spend a minute or two to answer it. It seems that you are ignoring me and ther others who post some questions.

7. Updates are too vague or broad.

Yes, you did post some updates but they are too broad and vague. They do not even make some sense at all. I really do not know what you are up to.

8. You are not checking and responding to my comments to your post or update.

If you have posted an update and I am interested, I do put some comments but hey! You are into your ignoring mode and never bother to read my comments.

9. You are a spammer.

One thing I dislike about your fan page is that you are a spammer!

10. Irrelevant links posted.

Your fan page is about how to live life to the fullest, yet you posted links that are selling fake bags! Something fishy!

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